The need for the quality products is indeed growing both within Pakistan and Internationally. NEXT Pharmaceutical has developed the state-of-the-art cGMP compliant production facility to ensure the production of the highest quality.

NEXT state-of-the-art facility is spread over 2.5 acres located in the modern Sundar industrial estate in the lush green out skirts of Lahore. Designed by an International engineering firm having a vast experience of setting up WHO cGMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in numerous countries for renowned MNCs.

This facility consist of dedicated and segregated sections for manufacturing a wide range of formulations like tablets, capsules, Syrups, topical preparations, Ampoules, liquid vials and Cephalosporins. It covers all major and fastest growing therapeutic segments like cardiovascular, anti-hypertensive antidiabetics, anti hepatitis C, anti-obesity, antibiotics, anti-allergic, antipyretic, analgesics, PPIs, cough syrups, multivitamins and mineral to name a few.

NEXT has a well-planned infrastructure with logical flow of movement. There is Linear flow of production with no backward movement at any stage. Dedicated and separate men & material flow strictly in accordance to cGMP guidelines to provide excellent quality standards. Automated access control systems at process areas to ensure entry of only authorized personnel.

Sophisticated modular partition sections for parental preparations to provide excellent clean room standards.

Fully integrated resource planning system which makes complexity and volume of operations smooth and efficient.

Separate HVAC system for each manufacturing area in accordance with FDA requirements with HEPA filters to ensure the highest quality of purified air and to ensure that there is no contamination during air circulation.

Water purification system of double Reverse Osmosis followed by electronic deionization to ensure best quality of purified water of pharmaceutical standard at each step of manufacturing.

Facility is well equipped sophisticated instruments in its in-house chemical, instrumental and microbiological labs. These dedicated modular laboratories are compliant with GLP norms and equipped with latest instruments including HPLC with UV and RI detectors. Labs are fully supported by a pool of scientists who continuously work to ensure that every product bearing the name of NEXT Pharmaceutical, meets the highest international quality standards of production, safety and efficacy.

With fully integrated contract manufacturing and development solutions, unique design and concepts, NEXT is rapidly gaining recognition as a high quality manufacturing facility in the country.